June 29, 2010

Madeline's Great Adventures

Some of my favorite books growing up were the Madeline series.  She is a spunky and fun girl.  She always made me use my imagination and I found adventure in her books.  Now the fun times are coming to the big screen.  In Madeline's Great Adventures there are 6 thrilling adventure to go on.  Go with Madeline as she gets a visit from a prince, and encounters a band of pirates. 

When I asked Alanna if she would like to go on an adventure she was excited.  She watched Madeline over and over for days.  She would talk about Miss Clavel's class and also the fun loving Genevieve, Madeline's trusted dog companion.

Madeline's Great Adventures are released today June 29, and would make a great gift for any child looking for fun.

Don't have time to run to the store?  Well I have a copy to give to YOU.  Just leave a comment and a name will be randomly pulled. 

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