July 15, 2010

water fun!

We have a pool.  Its not a very big pool, but its not small either.  Its about 2-21/2 feet deep and big enough for me to lay down and not touch the sides.  When Ben is in the pool, the water comes to about his chest.  I don't like Ben being in the pool without me, because he could easily lose his footing and fall over and not be able to get back up...With that being said, I don't always have time to get on my bathing suit and sit in the pool. 
I have always wanted something for Ben and Alanna to play with, so if  I have yard work to do, or just not in the mood to go swimming.  I was given the opportunity to do a review from CSN stores
 through one of there 200+ online stores I choose Toys and Games online.com

The online store is very easy to use.  I narrowed down my search by ages, brand, and even price.  I was able to find a really neat water table for the kids for ages 2-6 which covers Alanna and Ben...I ordered on a week day and by the weekend it was already here.  The instructions to put together were very easy to follow and in less than 5 minutes the kids were already playing in the water, while I sat in the shade watching.

Alanna and her friend played with the boat, car and water spouts for over an hour.  I heard giggles and water splashing...Once Ben woke up from his nap he ran right to the water and started playing..His favorite was the car that was included and vroom vroom was his favorite sound. 

*I received the water table free for this review, however all opinions are true, and I have worked with CSN stores in the past and they are fast ans very friendly.

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