July 22, 2010

It finally happened!

Last weekend I headed back to North Carolina to pick up Hannah.  Because Chris had to work, my SIL Tammy and niece Kylee came along for the long ride. 

One of the things I had to look forward to on this trip (besides picking up Hannah) was I finally got to meet a long time blog friend Tana. I told her the route we were taking, and she guided me to a local McDonalds.  I kept her updated with times and where we were through the day and when we were almost there, Tana showed up.  We met in the parking lot with a big ole hug and then let the kids play on the playscape. 

I enjoyed our little meet up and wished I had more time to stay.  She has a very lovable personality and I LOVE her accent.  (T, I just had to say that)  I kept having Tana say different "southern" words to hear her twang, and she in return made fun of my "northern" accent...mOm, and pOp

Alanna walked right up to Tana and held her hand into the play area and Ben made flirty eyes at her daughter.  And let me just say, Tana's daughter is beautiful....and so sweet.  The whole experience was a dream and something I will always hold dear to me. 

I truely am happy that we finally got to meet and hug in person.  I always knew we would be friends if we met in person and now I know for sure she is a great person.  I am so happy we started talking through our blogs and became such good friends.

Love ya T.


  1. Jealous! Jealous! Jealous!

  2. Meeee too!!! So glad you got the chance to meet!!!

  3. Anonymous7/24/2010

    Awwww Tasha! What a sweet post! So sweet in fact that I can't even complain about the picture! Ha! It was wonderful to finally meet you! I love you and your northern accent! I can't wait to meet up again!