September 7, 2010

1st day of school

In Michigan a few years ago there was a law passed that stated the kids didn't start school until after labor day.  We took it easy over the weekend..Had a BBQ with the family, played outside and cleaned the house. 

This year Alanna starts kindergarten and Hannah goes into the 5th grade.  My heart just skipped a beat typing that, lol.  My baby girls are growing up before my eyes. 

I thought I had a handle on Alanna starting school this year but when she walked up the big bus steps, I got a little choked up.  Seeing her with no hesitation in her step and a smile on her face, brought the tears to my eyes. My day was brightened by my baby boy...After we got home from the bus stop he kept saying, "That was cute, mama, that was cute"  I asked him what was cute and he told me...the bus.  :)
After that I had a little bit more spirit to get me through the day so we cleaned up breakfast, put away some laundry, went to the park, grocery shopping, and ate lunch...all before 11:00 am.  On any typical summer day we aren't even dressed before 11 and grocery shopping with 3 kids could take up to 5 hours on any given day, LOL....But with just 1 in tow the time is much faster, or slower depending on how you look at it.

The house is quiet and I miss my girls...Ben keeps asking if the girls are outside and if he can go too.  I try to tell him they are at school, but he just waits by the door for them to come home :(  He wanted to stare at the bus pictures all morning.  He is now down for a nap and its just me...The kitchen is clean, I vacuumed yesterday and all the laundry is put away....sigh.....

I know in a few weeks I will wish for a day like this...quiet, and nothing to do, but for now on the 1st day of school , I will sit and wait for the time to tick by, until its time to pick up my girls from the bus stop this afternoon...tick..tock..tick...tock. 


  1. I agree with Ben - that was cute! Maybe it's the teacher in me, but I love first day of school pics! And, I did a double take over the 5th grade!?! Seems like Hannah should still be in 3rd! :)

  2. So cute is right!! Those girls are adorable! And of course, so is Ben!!