September 7, 2010


After the parties, the fair came to town.  We had a great time walking around and eating...DO.NOT.FORGET.THE.FOOD.  It will put you in a food coma.  YUMMY!  The fair always has special attractions, one of them being the Monster Truck show.  We thought it would be a great thing to do as a whole family and it would be Ben's 1st time at a "show".  But things didn't go as planned.  We knew it would be loud, but Ben HATED it.  He cried and shook and gripped me for 2 hours. 

You can find more pictures here

The next day the Monster Trucks were at a local park offering a ride in the back of a truck for $5.  A friend and her boys and me and the kids went up there...Again Ben was so scared so she took my girls and I was in charge of pictures, LOL.

A few days later we went to a small, free splash pad with some other friends.  The kids LOVED this.  They played and then we had a picnic and all for free.  I LOVED that part.

If you keep up with me on facebook then you already know this next part.  August 15, 2010 was Hannah's 1st concert.  And it wasn't just your ordinary concert this was JUSTIN BIEBER!  OMG this house has BIEBER FEVER! 

To say Hannah was excited would be an understatement.  She laughed and screamed and danced through the whole thing.  I will have to admit that I also laughed, screamed and danced through the whole thing as well.  JB really surprised me, he is one talented kid..and he puts on a fun show! 

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