November 5, 2010

Happy Halloween

As usual I am a little late with updating about the kids.  But as I always say its better late than never.  Not only have I been slacking on my blog, but I have been slacking on my pictures of the kids too.

 This is one of the best pictures of Chris and the kids.  I love the smiles and the poses from the girls. 
 My little bumble bee.  Since starting school, I see a major change in this little girl.  She is growing up so fast. 
 I LOVE "behind" pictures.  Especially when the the girls are wearing tutus...I love tutu butts, haha

 AND, as usual, my 2 favorite girls posing for their pictures.  Alanna originally climbed up in this spot to relax and was so cute, we needed one of her sister too.

This was the best year so far for trick or treating.  ALL the kids understood what to do and used their manners very well.  With each passing year going out with the whole family becomes more fun with the older the kids get.  Hannah was a witch, Alanna a bumble bee and Ben a dinosaur. 

Just for comparison, here are some pictures from last year...WOW the kids are growing so fast! 



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