February 14, 2011

again 2

A week later we were running out of food again.  Chris calls DHS and they said that if we come in, they can void our online application and we can fill out another, and we should be able to leave with emergency assistance.  We showed up at 9am.  Our DHS office sees people from 9-11am M, T, TH, and F...It awas Tuesday. We told the receptionist why were there and she had us complete another LLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGG application...Such a waste of trees. We turned it in by 9:40.  We were called back at 10:45 and the "screener"  started asking us questions.  She did not understand how Chris made his money as a repo man and asked the same questions over and over.  Its now 11:10.  She advised us that since it was passed 11 we would not be seen. 

I don't even have to tell you how upset Chris and I were, because we were there at 9am and it wasnt our fault that they didnt call us back until 15 minutes before the end time.  We went back to the waiting room and Chris went to speak with a supv.  The supv stated that since it was past 11 he couldn't help and also because the "screener" wrote down that Chris made to much money to get emergency services.  He tried to explain that the money written down was for the month of December and that in January we basically had no income because he only worked a week.  Well DHS doesn't want to hear that and still said nothing could be done...They gave us a paper to take to MCOP for another food basket. 

I am so thankful for the help the food baskets offer, however with a family of 5 its very hard.  They dont give baskets according to your family size.  From MCOP we got 1 box of mac and cheese (my family eats 2), we got 1 box of rice aront (my family eats 2), we got a few cans of veggies (my family eats at least 2 with each meal) and a box of spegetti noodles (my family eats a large box)....so needless to say that the food box didn't last long.  Now we are back in square one with no more food boxes, and DHS will not return my phone calls..I have left a message everyday this week for our case worker...If she doesnt call back tomorrow, I'm calling her supv.

More to come...


  1. DHS is notorious for not returning phone calls, giving people the run around, and treating their clients like dirt. I think they do that in the hopes that people get fed up and quit trying to get help. Incidentally, our DHS office has similar limited hours but the rules are if you are signed in before the cut off, you WILL be seen that day. Period. You might want to bump up your complaint a level and go over that supervisors head. You have kids to feed and that is ridiculous!

    I feel your pain, hon. I'm still fighting with my worker since Moira was born. They still have her name listed wrong on her medicaid (although after a year, she is FINALLY listed correctly on the DHS paperwork), they had us listed as a family of 2 (those being the kids) as far as food assistance went because of a computer glitch they couldn't seem to figure out (we are now listed as a family of 3, since they added Carl, but not myself...and our family's case is listed in MY name. Ugh!). It's an absolute nightmare and half.

    You might want to call around some of the local churches. Some of them offer free food boxes to families in need. I know that Our Lady of The Woods in Woodhaven has something along those lines, as well as Community Lutheran Church in Flat Rock (they are called Helping Hands, there). Might be something to help keep you guys going with food until the DHS gets their crap together.

    Also, it's easy to ignore telephone calls, so your best bet is to go down to the DHS office EVERYDAY until you are seen by your worker. It's frustrating and infuriating, but often the only way they will take care of business.

    My prayers are with you guys. Love you!

  2. I am so sorry, this is just not right. I sure hope you can find some help and quick.