February 15, 2011

playing the waiting game

I called the local DHS supervisor this morning at 8:30am.  Its now 2:30pm and I am still waiting to hear from someone.

Because when it rains it pours.

We had our taxes filed before February 1, 2011.  We are STILL waiting on our federal return.  I checked the IRS site and the "processing is pending".  I spoke with our "tax man" and he advised that random returns get picked out and it is being personally  reviewed by the IRS now.  There is no telling when we will see our return. On a small bright note, he did tell me that its his job to handle the IRS so if we do get officially audited he will take care of it...Please Lord don't let it come to that....Just hand us our nice little return and we will be merrily on our way :)

...and because I don't want to sound super depressing or anything I will leave you with warm fuzzy feelings.

I am still taking Ben to our local library once a week to a small playgroup called Small Fries.  Today was their Valentine's Party.  Ben brought in some dum dum suckers, and proudly passed them out to all his friends.  He was amazed in return that his friends gave him a Valentine, he continued to talk about it an hour later before he passed out for nap time.  Oh the sweet and simple life of a 2 yr old.  He is currently in bed sleeping with his VDay bag full of goodies. 

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  1. Love that Ben story - right now in the midst of this madness you are living, hold on to all those good moments. They will get you through. Hang in there! I'm still praying!