September 19, 2006

1st thought

The other day Lindsay over at My Splatter Painted Life did a cute tag and since I'm sure you are tired of hearing all about the wedding I decided to do it. What you do it she gives you a word and you write the 1st thing that comes to mind.....
1.Super-Hero, I love being super mom with special quick fix dinner ideas
2.Sleep-ing in, which sleeping to 7:30 is an awesome thing....
3.Screen-door, thank heavens we have one to let the nice fall breeze in
4.Smile-big, for the camera, because we are all picture freaks on flickr
5.Soap-Opera, Hellllllooooo, Days of our Lives obsessor here.

Hope you enjoy, if you want to participate you can use the words

1.bathtub 2.baby 3.blue 4.bottle 5.blog....I went with the "B" theme, ENJOY

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