November 10, 2006

Day 10, The Lumberjack

Remember Johnny Appleseed? Hannah and her school has been studying him for the fall season andlearning all about apples and how they grow. Well Johnny Appleseed was a lumberjack right? So in spirit of that today is lumberjack day at Hannah's school. They are going to be doing lumberjack activities and eating flapjacks (pancakes) for breakfast. The school asked if the parents could help make the day by dressing the kids in their best lumberjack outfit. Of course Hannah had nothing remotely close to being a lumberjack, so my mom went to the thrift store in town and bought Hannah a red thermal shirt and some overalls to wear. Total cost $6.00. She was looking for a flannel shirt too, but go figure no flannel shirts in stock. At first Hannah wasn't to keen on wearing the overalls so I had to do a little convincing. but in the end I always win out and so here she is....


  1. So cute! I loved bibs. They were always so comfy. I would love another pair now!

  2. I think every child should have some overalls, they're just so adorable!

  3. I thought Paul Bunyon was a lumberjack and Johnny Appleseed planted apple seeds.
    Either way, it's a cute outfit, ha,ha..