December 29, 2006

new years live blogging

New Years eve here today and Chris and I still have not settled on plans. Heck...we haven't even talked about New Years plans yet. I was telling Lindsey that as I get older new years is getting a little over rated. I mean I used to have plans settled in Novemebr and have a count down going. it was all about the parties and the fun. Now its all about finding the right babysitter and making sure we don't get hit by a drunk driver on the way home. being an adult I can go out when I want to and have fun on my own. I don't have to have a special day or night to celebrate...even though it doesn't hurt to have a reason. Anyways now that its here the picking for a babysitter is slim and expensive. So I was thinking of doing something different and creating my own fun. I will be doing a live blog tonight starting around 9:00 pm, after Alanna is in bed. Please come back and enjoy my night of fun.

1 comment:

  1. I think that's a great idea!! I wish I was going to be at home to hang out with ya online. But I'll check as soon as I get home!