March 28, 2007

I heart my family

I can not believe it. The wedding countdown is at 30 days from today. That means in exactly 1 month I will be married. Its almost doesn't sound real. Everyone keeps asking me if I am nervous. I am. I am nervous that things won't come together, I am nervous that I am going to be an emotional wreck, I am nervous about being nervous. I go for my final dress fitting next Friday and then after that we have to do the bouquets and the wedding favors. Then all done! I think I am on top of things right now.....we will check back on that thought in a few weeks.
Can you guess what we had for dinner tonight? If you are thinking spaghetti then you are right. Poor baby her food kept falling of the spoon so she just dug in like no other. She would pull the bowl done and giggle, take a deep breathe and dig right back in. She had me cracking up. It was one of the funniest things she has done so far....oh except for last night...

I don't know about all of you, but I love to nibble on Alanna toes. Especially when she gets out of the bathtub. She thinks this is something funny. Well lately we have been pretend her feet smell and make a big PEW WEE noise. Last night Hannah took off her socks and Alanna ran over to them and SMELLED them and yelled PEW WEE!! Hannah and I rolled on the floor laughing. Well Alanna being the entertainer that she is took the sock and shoved it in Hannah's face. Hannah pretended to pass out and I thought Alanna was gonna pass out herself from going the full fledged toddler belly laugh. She found herself so funny that she carried on like this for the next 45 minutes. Shoving the sock in my face and then Hannah's back and forth and every time finding it funnier than before. These are my favorite moments with my girls. These are the memories that I hope stay with them. The fun times where we just sit back and laugh. After Alanna was in bed, Hannah looked at me and said, wow Alanna was a lot of fun tonight, I love my cute baby sister. She doesn't know it, but Hannah brought tears to my eyes and melted my heart.


  1. Awww...great story and cute pics!!

  2. SO SWEET!
    Love this post!
    LOVE the pictures!

  3. That is so sweet!! Your girls are the best, and they make great stories too!