June 25, 2007

another day as me

I'm thinking about updating my blog template. Lindsay told me to check out istockphoto, but there is so many to choose. I tried to flip through it and get some ideas, but I am afraid I will choose a non cool picture and ruin the look. Lindsay is so much better at it. I'm thinking maybe a little more retro with brighter colors. Any suggestions on the look? color? shapes? words? Anything?

PS: Wanna hear what a dork I am? Last week I wrote all these great posts and saved them so all I would have to do is login and publish each one for the day...I never changed the publish dates so all the posts posted for the same day below each other.....Silly me!


  1. That's funny ~ I just emailed yesterday about the same thing ~ she stays busy!! It's not easy - I can't even pick out stuff for my own, much less design for other people!!

  2. I was thinking the same thing too as you! I just don't want to mess things up. I want to learn it myself, but like you said, too much to choose from, and I WOULD screw my page up for sure. That's why it sits as is, the same way for the last year! I hate it that blogger puts the date that you wrote it, not posted it!!