June 27, 2007

Thanks for the help

What happen to people being out there just to help?
I must have ran over a nail or something because when I came out of work today I had a flat tire...I work at a corporate building and drove my car around to the security booth and asked if there was a place near by I could get some air. I work in the city and really only know my way to and from work which is usually a 35-40 minute drive. My tire was dead flat. Well the guard told me there wasn't really anywhere near there to get air. I asked if he could help change my tire. He told me he was handicapped and went back in the booth. I pulled my car back into a parking spot and called my dad, who lives about 15 minutes away.

My dad has had 2 knee replacement surgeries so no way did I expect him to come, but I asked what I should do because 4 men and 8 women have already walked by and looked at my tire and kept going. I didn't really want to call Chris because he works midnights and was sleeping. My dad said to call my companies security desk (its located in the building) to see if they could offer any assistance. I called the supervisor in that dept and he said that its not in the job description and its strictly on a volunteer bases. No one volunteered.

Finally I had no other choice and I called Chris. Of course he was sleeping and just hearing his voice I started to cry. At this point almost everyone has left and seen me standing outside my car with a flat tire and not one person asked if I needed anything. Chris said he would get out of bed and come help..At this time I am really balling my eyes out because A.) I felt bad for waking him up, B.) Not one person offered to help, and C.) I would have to wait an hour before he could get there with the rush hour traffic and all.

Well the Security guard must have seen me crying because he came over and asked if I had anyone coming to help. I told him my husband but it would be at least an hour. So he said he would see what he could do. I gave him my car manual (because I have never had a flat tire in this car before and didn't even know where the spare tire was, go figure). He locate the jack but we couldn't get it out so he went to his car and got the tire iron and the jack and started changing the tire. I called Chris back and told him to not come because the security guard was finally helping me out. An hour later the spare tire was on and I was heading home..
I just don't understand what is up with the world and the people living in it. I counted a final total of 22 people walking out of the building while I was standing there and not one of them asked if I needed help. I actually had people stop and watch the security guard help me and then say "You should have AAA". Well obviously I don't and thanks for the tip, Asshole!

Its a sad day when you realize that you are on your own if anything bad ever happened.
I did however fall a little bit more in love with my hubby tonight. This was our first "I need you to come rescue me" moment and he was ready to come as fast as lightening. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside and I want to smother him in some kisses.


  1. Total love points for Chris!!! Yay for him! And boo for all the a$* h*#$&@ that walked by you and didn't give a s&#$!!!!! Glad you got home safe and sound!!

  2. Wow! That is unbelievable!! Rudeness!! urgh! Yay for Chris though ~ he gets major points!!

    Sorry you had a bad day!