July 6, 2007

The Podonbutai

I am contest crazy lately and trying so hard to win a carrier/sling for me and Alanna. Steph at Adventures in babywearing has been awesome and answered all my questions and gave me some awesome web sites to check out. I will list those in another post if you are interested. As for now there is yet another contest that I am trying to win and this one seems to be the mother of all mother contests. Its for another sling, but this one is like 3 in 1 and would save me SO much money because I could just win this and be happy, very, very happy. So check out Steph and then check out All Natural Mommies who is providing the awesome Podonbutai. The Podonbutai is named for pod for podeagi, onbu for onbuhimo, and tai for mei tai! Cross you fingers!


  1. *SMILE* the mother of all contests LOL soo cute! :) Thanks - I hope everyone just loves the podonbutai (pod for short) as much as I do!