July 23, 2007

What a busy weekend we had..
First off, we went to the Boat Races again this year..If you remember last year the boat racer that we know (and my step dad pit crewed for) got into a terrible accident and was injured..(I should find the link, but I am lazy)Well 1 year later he is doing well. Still not walking, but making improvements everyday. He was there to support his fellow racers and also had a friend racing his boat..Well his friend won 1st place and made the boat World Champion in honor of John Broge (the injured racer)..

I finally broke down and bought a Mei tai for Alanna. Drea talked about a lady on ebay who made them and sold them for a very reasonable price. I recieved it on Thursday, and was a little worried because when I put Alanna in it then she really didn't seem to interested. Well was I wrong, on Saturday Alanna loved being carried around all day and even fell asleep while we were walking around. I forgot my camera so sorry no cute pictures of me and her, but trust me, it was CUTE!

Saturday, Chris and I had a date night...FUN

On Sunday my MIL took me to lunch and then we did a little shopping. It was a really nice day.

PS.Did I mention today is mu birthday? It is


  1. happy birthday tashi!!! Hope your day was a happy one!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! How could you have held out on us!! This means lunch/dinner on me to celebrate ASAP!!!!

    I hope you had a fantastic day!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Oh, I hope you will be sharing pics, too!? Especially of the mei tai? : )


  4. Happy Birthday!
    Cool boat race story!!