July 20, 2007

Rockstar Baby

In case you don't remember or just don't know I am going to be an aunt to not just one baby but two babies very soon. Chris' brother and his wife are expecting a baby boy in September, and my brother and his girlfriend are expecting a baby girl in November. And even though I have to great girls of my own, I am more than just a little excited about these 2 events. Why? Because I have baby fever for one and two, being an Aunt is the greatest feeling. My girls will have new baby cousins to play with and I will be able to spoil them rotten and then send home.

Drea, again is having another contest, I know what you are saying, Geez, another contest, but I swear I will continue on until I win something, anything I.JUST.WANT.TO.WIN!, so where was I....Oh right Drea is having another contest and this one is from My Rockstar Baby and they are offering some of the cutest onsies in the world, along with some babylegs to match. If you win you get to choose one of these outfits. Wouldn't my new niece or nephew look yummy in one of these. So as I have asked before cross your fingers...


  1. yes, haha ANOTHER :-D I only have one more after this for a while. And its a REALLY CUTE ONE as well. their all cute, but this ones isnt for a clothing item next time. So thats kinda neat! Best of luck

  2. My fingers are crossed!@!