July 19, 2007

Grosser than Gross

More talk about contests.
Over at Adventures in Baby wearing Steph is having a grosser than gross contest. Your supposed to tell about the grossest story and if you win, you get a Kone. So I was thinking there are a million and 1 gross stories out there when you have kids, but the 1st that came to my mind was one of Hannah just recently. I will try not to get to graphic, but here is you warning...so beware! I can't believe I am about to tell you this...My daughter will need therapy when she is older.

I bought Hannah a one piece bathing suit this summer. This is her 1st one piece and was having a hard time going to the bathroom. My mom, the "awesome"grandma that she is taught Hannah how to "pull" the bathing suit to the side for #1.

Anyone tired of "" yet? I am...keep reading

Hannah thought this was the coolest thing EVER and quickly got the hang of it. One night while I was on the computer, Hannah comes running inside yelling as she passed that she had to go to the potty rrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyy bad. About 15 minutes later I realized Hannah was still in the bathroom. I knock on the door to make sure she is feeling okay and she told me I could come in. What I walked into was the worst sight and smell you could ever imagine. Hannah had went #2, but instead of taking off her bathing suit, she "pulled" it over. Do you see where I'm going with this? When you "pull" over the bathing suit, it only uncovers the front goods, NOT.YOUR.BACK! I couldn't very well make her clean the mess up herself...Hannah is only 7, so being the dedicated, hard working, loving, caring (too much?) mom that I am, I grabbed a bucket and rag and went to work....Now THATS.GROSS!

DO you have a grosser than Gross story to share...Leave a comment and don't forget to join the contest at Adventures in Baby wearing..


  1. Aw, poor thing! You're a good mom to handle it so well, tho!!


  2. yep, poop in clothing is nasty stuff.. because when you pull the clothes off, it just manages to smear down the legs and stuff.

    we do the "slide over" trick around here, too. i might need to remind my girls that it's only for wettin' and not the stinkyin'!

  3. yep-my 6.5 yr old daughter is a big fan of the slide-over too! LOL!

    Come on by and read my gross story too!

  4. Nasty!! But you are a dedicated Mommy!! You SHOULD win the award for that contest! Ew! Poor Hannah. I think it's even more funny that the title to the post just below this one is Skid Pants. Heheh.

  5. GROSS!!! I bet she panicked when she realized what had or was happening! oops!