July 17, 2007

skid pants

I can hardly handle all the fun I'm having this summer joining all the contests from everyone around the blog world. Have you joined any? If you have tell me about them...

I was reading Drea today and she is offering a contest for Dittany Baby its a company that is simlar to babylegs, but they have skid pants instead. The skid pants come in 2 different fabrics, a heavier cotton and a light weight material for summer. The light weight is an awesome idea because when Alanna wears her babylegs around the house, she is always hot and sweaty. No girl wants to be sweaty! My favorite style is the light weight "POSH" (scroll down to the second one) Its the cutest plaid I have ever seen. Cross your fingers and wish me luck...


  1. awe those plaid ones are cute!! :-) Thanks for joining in.

  2. Good luck!

    And that is not the post I was expecting with that title - LOL!

  3. Great - one more thing I must have! I do love to shop for my little one.