July 16, 2007

Chris hearts Tasha

[Insert apologies and excuses for not blogging in a couple of days]

Have I told you that Chris got a new job? Well he did...same job field, better MUCH better company. He gets paid vacations, benefits, 401K, and more $$$ which is always a PLUS, and he gets a company car..well in his case a truck, but you get the point. I am so excited for him to have this opportunity. You know how sometimes you wish for that one job to just fall in your lap? Well this was that job. A friend at his old company was going to the new one and told Chris to just check it out. He went there one day and by the time he was leaving he was filling in the new employee paper work..This is exactly what we have been waiting for.

Look how sweet:



All together now...Awwwwwww!


  1. that is so sweet! so sweet!!! :)

  2. Tell Chris congrats on the new job ~ that is awesome!!