July 12, 2007

blog land

I've found some new blog mammas lately and wanted to share with you.
The first you probably already know. She is Flip Flop Mamma. I found her through Lindsay and as I said before I love reading her stories.

Next would be Steph from Adventures of Babywearing. I found her through all the contests Flip Flop Mamma mentions on her site. Steph really has gotten me interested in baby wearing and that is why I have been trying to win a mei tai for me and Alanna. I think I might have to eventually break down and by one, but I'm still holdin out for a win some day.

Another blog I actually just found last night and I have been to her site like 80 times today, trying to catch up..She probably thinks I am a crazy stalker by now is Drea. I found her through Adventures in Baby wearing and feel instantly in love with her cute little boys. She is also a baby wearer and claims that its a hobby and she collects the slings...I like her humor.

So if you are in need of some new reads or like to visit..Let these lovely ladies know I am stalking them because I want to know everything I can about baby wearing, or just say hello.

1 comment:

  1. These are all great gals!!! Good reads! ;-D

    Your supposed to add me to this list!!! :-D