August 16, 2007

date/party night

Okay, on to the date night Chris and I had last Saturday. It took so long, because I am lazy and had not uploaded the pictures yet, and what fun is a story of drinking without pictures. It was called an appreciation party, and boy was it fun! The house were the party was, was about an hour and a half away. We drove in a small motor home that was one of Chris' friends that he works with. It was Chris and I, Corey and his wife Jessica. We were pretty laid back on the way there. We pull up into this HUGE house and yard. We get out and they already have strawberry daiquiris waiting for us. There was every kind of drink you could ask for, and food galore. We took tons of pictures, but half didn't turn out, since obviously a bunch of drunk people cannot control a camera.

Me, Chris and Corey (very mature adults here)

Jessica and me

There may have been 1 or 12 or 48

of these in the cooler we brought

and there definitely was a little bit of this

Don't worry we were all responsible adults and everyone had a DD or stayed the night. The house where the party was, previously belonged to a doctor who was a massive paranoid person, and the house actually had 2 panic rooms hidden. It was awesome. The rooms are hidden behind mirrors in the 2 of the bedroom closets and could only be opened with a magnet key. There was a DJ, and lots of dancing. We kinda had our own party going on in the camper, and as everyone made their rounds they eventually found their way back to us. It was a fun night.


  1. Most importantly, How'd you feel the next day!?! ha! A road trip in a camper sounds like a blast!! And that first picture says just how toasted you were! hee-hee!

  2. OMG that looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! Drinking and driving (not you) the legal way, eh?? Love it!! Glad you had such a fun time with your HUSBAND!! Are you used to that word yet??