August 29, 2007


I can hardley control my excitment today! I am down another 2.6 pounds putting me at a total of 12.8 pounds. I have never LOST 12.8 pounds before. Some have asked what I've been doing. I am on the point system..I write everything down. Even if I do go over my points I still write it down, so the next day I can try to make better decsions about the food I am eating. Any chance I get I am trying to exercise. If its taking the stairs at work, or being a fool and rolling in the grass with the girls..All the movement helps.

I do know that sometimes its hard, like going to a baby shower (been there), going to a BBQ (done that). If I know we are going then I still have a good breakfast and lunch. I eat the food, that is offered (even if its a little bad), but until I am FULL, and try not to over do it. I try to eat more veggies thats being offered than the other food. I also pass on the dessert. I have realized I will survive without cake...I know amazing, huh? Then the next day I am back to the points again, also being very careful I don't go over the rest of the week on the points. If I mess up, I mess up that meal, not the whole day, not the whole week. I control the food, the food no longer controls me!


  1. Congrats Tasha!! I'm super proud of you! Keep up the good work!

    You are a GREAT inspiration to me!

  3. WAY TO GO TASHI!!!! that's awesome and i'm very happy for you! i wont catch up with you for a while... but i'm down to 10 lbs this week. :) i'm killing myself on the HS track but i feel much better. i dont really think i'm doing it to look slimmer or anything, it just feels great to go and walk for 45 minutes and try to eat a little more healthier.
    keep going! and when you feel :( or discourage, email me and i'll cheer you up :)
    have a wonderful day!

  4. That is so awesome!!! Keep it up girl!!

  5. You have such a great attitude!! Way to go!! I on the other hand missed my weigh in this week and have been sulking about my non-existing weight loss. Thank-you for this post... it encourages me to keep on truckin'!

  6. Way to go! Who knows, maybe you'll be my inspiration!! I've done the points thing and it does work, but for some reason I can't seem to get motivated to start on it again. I've told myself though that Labor Day is the mark of a new beginning for me. I'm giving myself from Labor Day through Memorial Day and I'll be using the points, so wish me luck! I am so proud of you!!!