August 28, 2007


I am absolutley exhausted. I have been prepping myself for weeks now that I was going to wake up and CLEAN Hannah's room. Not just your ordinary clean your bedroom, I was going to gut it. Hannah is a big fan of baby dolls and has everything under the moon to go with them. She has a play pen, cradle, bathtub center, twin stroller, umbrella stroller, off roading stroller, she has big babies, little babies, fat babies and water babies. She has play mats, swings, high chairs, moses baskets, blankets, and bottles and of course clothes. She would like to fold them on her floor and then have piles and piles all over her room. then of course haveing all the beds doesn't matter because her babies like to sleep on the home made beds on the floor with pillows and blankets.

Friday night I went to bed with the idea of waking up and getting busy on Hannah's room. I also thought that my hubby would be able to help. Instead I woke up stuffy, cranky, and Chris getting up to go to work for some OT (over time). I knew that I still had to get to work. I, with the help of both girls, pulled everything out of Hannah's room and into the living room. Then little by little, with the help of both girls we put things back neat and organized. 6 hours later, I was still stuffy, and cranky and then you could add sore. However the task was done, and I always feel good in the end.

I was forgetful and forgot to take pics of the before and after..I am sorry. I also missed a great photo of Alanna. She had put on a vest, zip up hoody of Hannah's and all she had underneath was her diaper. The hoody came to her ankles..It was so cute. Then she ate a chocolate pudding for a snack, she had that all over her face, including her hair. I, being the great mom that I am, left it like that the entire day, or at least until I was done with Hannah's room, because we both agreed (Hannah and I) that she was just too cute to clean.

With me cleaning Hannah's room all day that left Sunday for the houses normal cleaning. Chris and I worked on the hosue for a couple of hours then went to his dads house for dinner. it was so nice working so hard and not having to cook on top of it. Finally at 8:00 I could relax, and I did just that.

I am still stuffy, cranky, I can't breath, and my throat hurts, but the house is clean.

Don't forget to come check tomorrow for weigh in wednesday.


  1. Glad you got some cleaning done, sorry you feel stuffy!! That's never fun. Allergies?

  2. I HATE cleaning!

    good job to you for getting it done!

    I was going to ask if you had allergies also????