September 25, 2007

hes not here yet

Ahhh, I am so impatient. My new baby nephews due date is today, TODAY people, and so far he is not here....Doesn't he know that he has an Aunt and a whole big, loud family just waiting on the other end for him. Actually, maybe he does and thats why he is staying in....
Did you ever see that one commercial, where the 2 ladies are up against the store window and its dark outside, and they are tapping on the glass shanting, open, open, open? I think it was for Khols or something...Thats kinda how I feel. Open up already and bring me the baby to love!!!!! We haven't had a new baby in the family since Alanna and David, when they were born almost 2 years ago. At that time I couldn't enjoy David, because I had Alanna, and I really enjoyed Alanna, but its always better when its someone elses baby, right? But now that Alanna is almost 2 now and I can so enjoy a baby, this baby, a baby that I do not have to lose sleep over, but love him just the same...

PS, here is a little tip for you, when your health insurance company sends out a letter to adv that it is recommended that you get a flu shot, please take that as YES the insurance company will cover it...if they are recommending it, they will cover it..Thanks.


  1. Hee-hee! Get a few flu shot calls today? :-)

  2. When's the next full moon?? My grandma says babies always come when there's a full moon! LOL