September 26, 2007


I am a little sad to announce that I had a slight weight gain this week. I gained 0.2 pounds. That takes me from 18.6 pounds up to 18.4 pounds. I know what your thinking anf its only 0.2 pounds thats not even a half, but I have had a steady weight loss for 10 full weeks and now a small weight gain. I do not know how this happened. It could be many things.
  • I did not use my extra points allowed for the week
  • I ate very well over the weekend and did not shock my body with other foods
  • I did not clean my house which usually gives me an extra exercise in
  • I am due to start my period any day now.
  • I haven't been eating ALL of my points
  • I have been having late night snacks just to use up the points

So you see, there is no one or nothing to blame. I just have to keep on track and not let this sway me from the already 18 pounds I have lost. I just have 6.8 pounds to work for now until I reach my goal.


  1. Don't let this set you back!! It could be water retention, or anything! You still have plenty to be proud of and I bet next week you will lose enough to make up for the mere 0.2 pounds!!

  2. .2 = starting period any day!

    No worries ~ you are doing GREAT!!!