September 27, 2007


**Updated**Chris just called and said his brither called him and they have been at thge hospital since 4:00am and she is 8cc dialated. Whew hoo! Heres comes the baby!

  • Well still no baby, but I did send her an email today at work and I got no resposnse. Maybe her water broke and she had to be rushed to the hospital...Maybe its just hopeful thinking.

  • Today is a boring day. I have no work to do, I have nothing that I need to do, and I have no one I need to call. Now If I could transfer all this nothingness to home, then I would have plenty to do. In the mean time, I swear I am just staring at a blank computer screen, wishing some work would magically appear.

  • Hannah is still doing good in school. She is slowly getting back into the school swing of things. Alanna is becoming a monster. I think she was recently possessed with an evil demon, because my once sweet little girl is now a whiny, non listening theif. She won't talk, just whine, she won't listen, just temper tantrums, and she takes things she knows she is not allowed to touch. I guess this is the 2's coming early. WAY to early if you ask me...Hannah didn't get her 2's until she was almost 3...

  • Thanks to everyone who wished my mom well. I still think its crazy that that stupid guy fired her for smoking, but she is working hard on finding a new job. I asked her how it feels to be employed for 20 years and no be unemployed...She ust laughed a not so happy laugh at me.
Is this is enough randomness to be called a post?


  1. I am praying for your mom!

    And, this has nothing to do with your post, but I like the pics you added in the sidebar! THat pic of you and Chris that used to be in your header is one of my favorites! You guys look so cute!

  2. Stop calling my angel perfect granddaughter a lying thief!!!