November 12, 2007

Day 12, nosey rosey

Last Friday was parent-teacher conference at Hannahs school. For the most part Hannah is doing great. The teacher would like her maybe 1 point higher in her reading level and her organization skills need a little improvment, which is really crazy, because I am a very organized person, or I would like to think I am, and for Hannah to lack these skills is heartbreaking. Hannah is very good at keepimng her room clean, so her messy desk is something that she needs to work on. Like I said over all Hannah is doing great. One thing that she does need to work on is her skills of worring about herself and not others. The teacher said Hannah would be in all the plus ranges of where she should be if she would only worry about her work more than the others around her. Hannah has always had this problem, I used to tell her she would be the only 7 year old with an ulcer if she didn't stop it. Anyone have any advice on how to keep Hannahs nose in her business and not on others? I really need some help in this area.

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  1. Oh I hope you get some good advice on this one! I need to know myself for a little girl in my room! LOL!

    Good luck!! sounds like you don't have too much to worry about - some of us are just born worriers!