November 2, 2007

Happy Birthday David (Day 2)

With all the excitement of Halloween, I almost forgot about a very special little guy who celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday. My nephew David and Alanna are 2 weeks apart and when they get together they have a lot of fun. David is the sweetest thing I've come across since cake. Some of the family got together a couple of weeks ago and went to Pizza Hut for dinner. At the end of the night he gave us all a little way and said, "See ya all later guys"...It was the cutest. here are a few pictures to see how he has grown the last 2 years.
David and Alanna sharing the stroller, about 6 months old
David and Alanna sharing the pack and play, about 9 months old
Alanna and David sharing some food, about 1 year old
David and his Aunt Tasha enjoying baby Matthews baby shower, he is about 22 months old.
I love you David Drake, Love Aunt Tasha