November 3, 2007

dentist, day 3

Today Hannah and I went to the dentist. Usually when you say the word Dentist, some people will cringe. Not me. I love going to the dentist. Mainly because my mom used to work there for almost 20 years and everyone there is awesome. I for some reason was blessed with great teeth, never having a cavity or needed any work except for braces when I was like 10..When I get my teeth cleaned, the doctor/dentist will come in and praise me and tell me what beautiful teeth I have. He even has went as far as telling me I have model teeth and its a pleasure when I come in, hehe.
Today was no different for me, Its about 10-15 minutes of the hygenist, hygienist, hygen-whatever to look at my teeth and tell me everything was great, then the dentist comes in and says pretty much the same. Then it was time for Hannah. She has also been blessed for the time being with good teeth, except she needs braces, and in my opinion almost the sooner the better. Well today they finally decided to make an appt for Hannah to have an orthodontic consultation. Thats great in my opinion, however now it makes me a little nervous because braces are not covered under my dental insurance, and that A LOT of $$$ out of pocket. I don't think I would let her have braces just quite yet, even though I know she needs them, but she is only 7..maybe in a couple of years..I guess I should use that time to save some money, anyone want to start donations????


  1. I am one of those people who is afraid of the dentist...the title of your post almost sent me running! ha!

  2. Can you believe when I was around 10 I actually WANTED braces? I am absolutely FRIGHTENED of the dentist, but everyone and I do mean everyone in my fifth grade class had braces except for me, and had 'cool' discussions about the colour of the ... string? or whatever. I so wanted to be part of that. But I was a very sad, sad 10 year old though :)