December 26, 2007

The Christmas flu

I was so excited for Christmas this year. With my mom gone, I was cooking christmas dinner. We had a turkey and all the fixings to go with it. Hannah was done being sick and so was Alanna. It was gonna be a great time. We have a tradition on Christmas Eve to go to my Dads and Stepmoms house and open presents with my older brother and my step sister and just have a great time. Well while we were opening presents, I started not to feel so well, so I hung out near the bathroom, and wouldn't you know, I ended the night early with the flu. We left right away, while hearing Hannah crying because we had to leave so early. I felt so bad for her and me in more ways than one, LOL. I came home and had one of the longest nights ever. I won't get to graphic, but this bug wanted EVERYTHING out of your system..and I mean everything. It was every hour on the hour, I could plan when it was coming next. I know that sounds aweful, but in my book, getting sick is #1 horrible so I HATE the flu. Anyways it lasted all night. I did wake up to see the girls open their presents and then went back to bed. Needless to say the holiday dinner was canceled. We have all this food, but I was in no mind to even look at it. I slept all day Christmas and finally got up around 4:00 to spend some time with the girls. They had tore into every present they got and was having a great time. Here I thought I had ruined their Christmas, but these to girls are the greatest. They had such a good time, hanging out in their PJS playing with their new toys. Chris was awesome too. He got the girls in their Christmas jammies when we got home, and helped Hannah write a letter to Santa...He even opened the fireplace doors for Santa to come in. He didn't cook the cinnamon rolls I bought for Christmas day, but the beagel and cereal the girls had was just as yummy. this Christmas wasn't really what we expected it to be, but the girls still had a great time and thats all we could have hoped for.

I'm still not feeling the greatest, but I had to work today, blah. Chris has the girls at an indoor water park near our home with a bunch of our friends and their kids. I'm sure the girls are loving every minute of it. I did manage to take some pictures Christmas day, so soon, I promise, they will be up to view. I didnot however get any pictures of the girls in their Christmas dresses...I am so upset.


  1. Bummer!!! I hate being sick too, but on Christmas with kiddo's...I am so sorry for ya! It sounds like the girls still managed a good day though!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I'm so sorry that you ended up getting it. What a bummer. I'm glad that the girls had fun anyway! I guess that's what matters! Hope your feeling better.