December 11, 2007

its turning my brain to mush

So YES, you guessed it..I am prego. That is We are so super excited. I found out a couple of weeks ago with like 5 home PT tests. Unfortunetly I have not made it to the doctors yet, because of Alannas surgery and the weekend my mom was here..but I have an appt on Monday so more info to come on that. My estimated due date per the internet is Auguset 4, 2008 which is really cool because that right in between my birthday and Chris'. It is not cool however because its right dab in the middle of the HOT HOT HOT summer, so air conditioners beware! My girls both came early to do hypertension problems, so if this baby comes early too, the baby might be born on my birthday July 23 or maybe my older brothers July 25...but no way on Chris' August 21 or my moms August 25. I guess only time will tell.

Everyone keeps asking if we are hopeing for a boy. I guess secretly yes we are. However as usual we just want a healthy baby. Chris said if he gets 1 more girl he's moving out becuase he can't take all the women..I do feel bad for him sometimes....only sometimes though :)

I have been feeling okay...not sick yet, but so extrememly tired, that I can barely lift my arms to blow dry my hair in the mornings...I don't remember the tiredness, and it hasn't even been that long ago. I fall asleep on the couch almost everynight around 8:35...Thats exactly 35 mintues after Alanna and 5 minutes after Hannah is in bed. I always think to myself, that I shoudl go to bed, but never make it that far. The other night I must have fallen asleep earlier than that because I woke up at 11:00 and Alanna was sleeping on my legs and Hannah was asleep on the other couch...hmmm, what happen, I don't remember :)

Pregnancy brain has kicked in...I forget things, simple things and the other day I erased all the pictures I had saved on our new camera. The ones of the girls in their Christmas dresses before their pictures, the ones of Alanna's surgery, her in recovery, even the ones of my mom while she was here visiting. I also deleted all the videos I have been saving too show..yup, I am smart, for some reason I was fiddling around with the buttons on the camera and formatted the SD card or something like that and it erased all the adorable pictures I had....I am sick to my stomach about it...

I'm also still working on learning how to uplaod the movies to my computer and then publish them on blogger. With me being so tired I have had NO time to learn how to do it or even attempt to try, so soon, thats all I have to say.



    I'm so happy for you both!!!!

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    how flipping exciting!

  4. Great news!!! I am so happy for you! So many around me are prego now - the bug is really getting me! ha!

  5. A huge congratulations! How exciting!

  6. YEAH! CONGRATS! May you have a healthy and easy 9 months!