January 9, 2008

not another sick post.

Last night I was laying in bed and it was the 1st night, I think I actually enjoyed the thought of being pregnant again..3 days and running on feeling better, YAY.

OK, OK, OK, enough about being sick and not sick and sick and tired and blah blah blah......

Hopefully by the end of February or beginning of March we should have plane tickets to go see my mom and step dad in Florida...I am not a big fan of flying and I think do to our schedules and work, I will be going alone with both girls while Chris stays and works. I have never flown with the girls before or in that fact with any small child and was wondering if there was anything special I needed to prepare for...Not really advice for the plane, but like birth certificates or IDs I need to get or anything legal like that, that will allow us a smooth loading and unloading....Anyone know the formality of flying with children? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  1. If you are travelling domestically you don't need ANYTHING in the way of ID for your kids. Crazy but true. If the kid is under 2 and you didn't buy a ticket, you just have to call the airline in advance and tell them that you have a lap child.

  2. I would think staying in the country should go pretty smoothly. Good luck!!

  3. Yay you are still feeling better!!!! I've never flown with my kids, at least not mine, so I'm no help there.