January 31, 2008

Polly Tod

The peoples over at Polly Tod are doing this neat free shirt givaway. And with baby #3 on the way I need to be as thrifty as I can be. I had never heard of Polly Tod before so I was checking out the great website they have. They have a really awesome collection of cool baby clothes. I found a lot of shirts I want to buy if this baby is a boy..Check it out.
This is the motorcycle skulls shirt. I am in some dire need to buy boy clothes, so if in deed this baby is a boy, he better watch out, he'll have more clothes than the girls combined.
This is another one of my favs. This is the ampped shirt. Chris used to be in a local band, and somewhere down the line I fell in love with the music, so I love all the music related shirts.
But I can't forget about my girls and I really like this one for Alanna. Soon you'll see her sportin a great vintage looking heavy Petal shirt...Cute huh?


  1. I hope you get to buy all your "boy" stuff!! But the vintage flowers are pretty too!!

  2. I am with Lindsey - I hope you get a boy this time!

  3. I'm quite fond of those funky boy shirts!