February 1, 2008

Must have done something right

My stepdad called me this morning around 6:15 asking if I was awake..Oh how soon they forget that just because the weather is warm in Florida does not mean its warm up north. It snowed last night, alot. To much for me to drive the 40 miles I drive to work everyday. I tried to get back to sleep, but I was not the only one who heard the phone. Next thing I know both girls are up and really to play...How at 6:30 in the morning I have no idea.
The reason for the call so early, I can imagine is that he was excited. He gets like that sometimes..Like Alanna going down the toy isle at the store or Hannah when she is allowed to so anything she isn't normally allowed to do..My stepdad moved to Florida with my mom in August...well he was down there a little bit sooner, He goes to a college called Full Sail. Its a techie type of school and way to hard for me to explain....maybe along the line of ITT, but I'm not completely sure about that. He likes to use us, his kids for some of his projects...A couple of months ago he took pictures of my step sisters and "cleaned" them up on the computer and they looked really good. In his old school he had to make a small film or something like that and Hannah was in it..So when he was given his last project, I guess he thought it was due time to use me...so I wouldn't feel left out of course. Where am I? Oh right, he was very excited this morning and had me go to his blog, yes he has a blog too. Then he had me view this video...Don't you just LOVE IT. I do. It was well worth the wait. So tell me what do you think?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the video!
    It is so cool... what a talented man!
    I am really impressed!

  2. That is SO COOL!! I loved it!!! Wow! That was worth getting up way too early on a snow day for - hope you got to nap though! ha!

  3. WOW! I love the video! I wish I had something like that from my wedding day! :)