February 7, 2008

Maybe shes friends with Brittany

Do you remember how I told you Alanna has been pretending to be a dog the last couple of days? Well this morning I was sitting down putting on my socks and shoes. I put one sock on and then the shoe, I turned sideways to find my other sock....Alanna was sitting there in her puppy stanz and it was in Alanna's mouth..When I took it from her and said Thanks, she barked. Is this still cosidered cuteness, or weirdness?


  1. LOL! My niece does that too - constantly she is either a dog or a horse. Mom has even bought her dog toys to aide in the whole playing dog thing. (Please don't go that far! ha!)

  2. It's still cute! I don't think it turns weird until she's a barking adult. LOL