February 6, 2008

mimi and bebebe, yayayay!

Alanna has been a lot of fun lately. Her perseonality is really starting to shine. My brother and his girlfiend Tammy were watching Alanna for a couple of hours this morning. After dropping Hannah off at the bus stop, Alanna screamed her good byes to her sister when the bus rolled up. On the way to my brothers house, Alanna was all about seeing Mimi (Tammy) and da bebe (Kylee). All I did was tell Alanna that she was gonna visit her Uncle Kyle this morning and she knew all on her own that she would be seeing her 2 favorite poeple, Mimi and bebe..the whole time Alanna was in the back seat singing mimi and bebe yayayayay! mimi and bebebebe yayayayay! It was so cute. When we got there, Kylee was in her bassinet in the living room. Alanna went up to her and said hi bebe, and blew her kisses...I can't wait to see what a good big sister Alanna will be.. I think she will be great becasue she had/has a great teacher in her own big sister.