April 10, 2008

memories in a box

I have not talked about the separation anxiety I experienced over the weekend. Last weekend I went through all the girls old baby clothes from newborn to size 2 and gave them away. I went through and gave Kylee what would fit her, and the rest I will be donating. I kept some outfits, the ones that I just could not part with. The coming home from the hospital outfits, the bonnets, and booties that were still holding the faint smell of my babies. I kept the 1st bathing suits and favorite blankets and all the Christmas dresses the girls have worn. Its so hard to say good bye to some of the physical memories of both my girls when they were little. I find that its harder to let go of Hannah's baby clothes. She was my first. I grew up with her a lot, since I was only 18 when I became a mom. So many of the clothes I can remember when and who gave them to me, I can remember what I was doing the day I bought a specific dress. Sometimes I can even remember what I was wearing. Maybe I have a harder time with hers, because Alanna is still only 2 and such a baby at heart. We have been teaching Alanna "big girl" moves but she still loves to lay on my lap and cuddle, vs. her big sister who chooses the other couch during TV time. With baby #3 being a boy, we may or may not have any more children and that could also be another reason to be so sad seeing all the girl clothes go away. In the end I know its just clothes, and having my girls here with me is better than any piece of clothing, but seeing them grow up so fast is bittersweet. I could not ask for better children and just know this baby boy will fit in so well, we will wonder how we ever lived life without him.


  1. Anonymous4/11/2008

    I feel your pain!! It's hard to part with those baby clothes. Like you, I kept only those important occasion dresses, home from hospital, first Christmas, and first tap shoes!! They are so tiny!

  2. Oh Tash-

    Don't give away anything you aren't ready to yet!! The new baby is going to be that perfectly fit puzzle piece!!

  3. Only give away what you are comfortable with - that's why they made those handy totes! :-) Seriously, my Aunt framed one outfit of each of her children in a shadow box and it is too cool!

  4. It's so funny that you're talking about this, because I went through the exact same thing a couple of weekends ago. We have decided that we are not going to have any more kids. So while we were cleaning out the basement a couple of weekends ago, I was crying so hard with giving away all of the baby clothes. Like you, I kept alot of sentimental items and toys, but it was hard to let go of it all! I feel your pain! Hope it gets better soon! :)