April 8, 2008

No English teachers allowed.

Okay I need to just get this out here!
My mother, who reads my blog, but never comments, has made it apparent that she does not think my writing reflects how educated I am. This is not an English class assignment, nor am I writing an English book. I am merely documenting my life, thoughts and pictures of my family. I blog for fun, not a grade, and I earn no money what so ever for my writings. I do not normally re-read my posts, and very rarely can I get spell check to work. Also spell checker only checks the spelling and not all grammar mistakes. Please know that I do have a college education, NOT in English or spelling, but in Science. I am not a redneck, and apologize to all that are, but these were the words of my dear, lovely mother said to me this past Sunday. Also I believe rednecks are beautiful and love they way you talk, most of the time.
I am not mad at my mom for pointing my flaws to me, I am merely letting everyone know that just because I have a spelling error here or a grammar mistake there, I am a smart and intelligent woman. My mom seems to feel because I make these errors, it makes me look bad and people may not respect what I am writing. Please forgive me if I make an error and still remember that I am me, and not perfect, nor do I ever want to try to be...that's way to much work for me. I am however lazy, and will not re-read a post just to check for mistakes, I only re-read to make sure I am not repeating myself a million and one times. Whew, that feels better.

Nothing a little disclaimer that can clean up your blog...Love ya MOM!


  1. LOL! That is too funny! Was your mom ever a teacher?

    Maybe this will get a comment out of her but you may not want it! ha!

  2. Wow, I'd be terrified if my mom read my blog.

  3. Anonymous4/09/2008

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  4. my mother in law does it too... even correcting my grammar in public. Gotta just snicker and keep lovin' them!

  5. I think your writing is fine!!!!! Moms....can't live without 'em!!!

  6. What would we do without our moms!?!? Still taking care of you when your out of your house!:)

  7. Anonymous4/11/2008

    I'm one of dem der redneck gals you spoke of! LOL I ain't got none of dem der fancy educashuns, but when I choose to write incomplete sentences it's usually for humor. For instance, I often start a sentence with the word "And." I know you're not supposed to do that. And I don't care. LOL Seriously, Tasha, you write just fine. BTW, my mom is my biggest critic too. :)