May 27, 2008


  • Hannah celebrated her birthday with friends and a party last weekend. Pics are mixed in here, since I have not had time to put them in her "Hannah turns 8" set.
  • I wish I would have documented this pregnancy a little better this time. I have nothing for Hannah and Alanna that is actually written, where I can go back and read it. I was just sitting her wondering what was going on when I was 30 + weeks with Alanna and have no idea. With Hannah I can only guess it was either a dr visit or TV watching since I was threatened with bedrest if I didn't stop moving so much. (I had hypertension and ended up on bedrest at 32-33 weeks)
  • Remember the crazy day post yesterday? Nothing a good cry and a hug from your very understanding husband won't fix. It didn't help he laughed at me for being so emotional though.
  • Alanna is starting to be so independant. Her new favorite words, "I do it" Its so lovely having a toddler in the house.
  • Chris is going camping with the "boys" this weekend. I am sort of excited, the whole bed to myself, the TV is all mine, but then I think I might be sad and actually miss him....maybe only at night.
  • Lindsey will be over in less than 4 days...YAY!
  • Baby boy is kicking his momma so much today. I love it!
  • I finally recieved the beana baby pouch in the mail, that I won from Simple. Its adorable, will post pictures tomorrow of the girls wearing it.
  • The closer I get to my due date, the more Imiss my mom. She was here for the birth of both girls and will miss baby boys entrance in the world. Hopefully she will make it up soon after baby gets here.
  • I'm really emotional lately.. I just wanna cry. Is this normal or am I a freak of nature?
  • spell check is not working right now, sorry if you find anything abnormal or wrong.


  1. can't wait to see the beana baby pouch pictures! I bet they are adorable!

  2. Better emotional than cranky - right? ha!
    I bet your mom is sad too ~ hope she gets to stay awhile when she comes!

  3. I think it's definately normal to be emotional! I was just grumpy! Sorry I haven't been around much lately!

  4. Yay hugs from hubbies are the best!! I can only guess that you are SUPPOSED to be super emotional right now. All the hormonal changes and stuff, I bet it's normal! Can't wait to come and see you Sunday!