May 27, 2008

out of curiosity?

"Hypothetically speaking" have you ever had a day, that was 25 degrees colder than it was the day before and you wake up freezing and late, then you have a fight with your normally awesome husband and the more you think about it the more mad you become because you really have no idea what just happened, and you can't call him to talk to him because normally awesome husband works midnights so he is sleeping and you would disturb him and make him even more cranky if you called him just to talk things out, so you agonize over it all day and feel sick to your stomach and also on the same said day, your work rolls out a new program live on a very busy day after a holiday weekend and it has several kinks and they take you off line for an hour to fix the kinks and then it still has kinks and you can't do your job and people are getting frustrated with you like you are the problem because human error is always over a stupid computer error, and also for kicks, say you are about 30 weeks pregnant and your child is sitting so far down in your pelvic area you feel like you are sitting on his head and if you wanted you could reach down and brush his hair, if he has any...And also lets say its very uncomfortable to sit and when you stand its also uncomfortable so you just deal with it, but can't complain because you love this child and your coworkers have already heard 100 other complaints and one more may drive them over the edge, and speaking of coworkers, the one coworker you probably see every day for the last SEVEN AND A HALF MONTHS, comes to you and asks if you are pregnant, because all of a sudden you look pregnant but she didn't want to say anything in case you just gained a lot of weight and didn't want to hurt your feelings, but now she doesn't care if she hurts your feelings because SHE.MUST.KNOW.NOW if you are expecting. You tell her no and watch her eyes get real big and she starts to stutter and says something like I am so sorry and then you say something along the lines of NOT and walk away. Have you ever had a day like that? No, oh...me neither, I was just wondering.


  1. Oh my goodness- for real???


  2. Oh yuck! Tomorrow is a new day, and I hope it's better for you!!