June 25, 2008

belly shots and more

My pregnancy induced hypertension is now full fledged toxemia. Not really sure of the difference, but you can read about them here and here. I now officially go to the dr 3 days a week, because 1 and 2 were not enough. I have a non fetal stress test each of those days. This is a test that I lay on the table with my feet up and have 2 belts on my stomach, one to measure contractions, and the other to hear the heartbeat, and then I have to push a button, every time the baby moves. This way the dr can monitor the heartbeat and movement and if I have any contractions..so far none of those. My carefree summer plans now consist of couch time and bathroom breaks, with a dr visit thrown in for fun. My blood pressure is high and I still have protein in my urine. However the good news is all my blood work came back okay so for now its just bed rest and not a night in the hospital.
I also had an ultrasound today and baby boy is doing great. He is measuring exactly as he should be 34 weeks and 1 day at 5 pounds, 1 oz. His heart is good as is his other vital organs. He also has some hair floating around in the fluid. That doesn't surprise me mush both his sisters could have let the hospital wearing barrettes to hold the hair away from their eyes :)

I also got permission to be on the home computer as long as I take it easy the rest of the day, which, with sitting on the couch, will not be that hard to do.
I believe that the pregnant belly is beautiful but the badges of courage (stretch marks) I sure could do without. These are compliments of my dear 1st born child Hannah.

And of course the rest are here..

Oh I forgot to tell you...Baby is breached. His head is up top and his butt is down...Hopefully he will turn soon. I have some really nifty, sort of scary exercises to do to help him turn.


  1. so cute!
    i can't see too many belly pics coz i want to have my own.
    you girls look so beautiful!!!

  2. I love prego bellies! Cute shots!
    Now, since you are on bed rest, can that mean a lounger by the pool too???

  3. Sorry about the bedrest and the toxemia. ((hugs))

    Your belly is beautiful!

  4. you needed that rest for a long time now!! enjoy it because things are gonna be hectic..

    remember I'm a phone call away if you need help with the girls..if Jan wants a break or something just let me know!!!

  5. I adore baby belly pictures!
    I cant wait to see the little guy!