June 24, 2008

the blues

Well day 2 of bed rest has brought on the blues. I think I'm starting to feel sorry for myself, because I can't do anything myself. I can't even fix dinner or give Alanna a bath..that was our time, you know. I know this is safety for my unborn baby and in the long run it will all be okay, I'm just not having a good day. I've been extremely tired today and took 2 naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Now its almost dinner time and I am seriously ready for bed. I go for a dr visit tomorrow and an ultrasound, hopefully I will have good news to report and that my blood pressure is down.

I have some pictures to upload soon, but I have to 1st be allowed on the house computer and right now all I can use is the lap top, and its Chris' work computer, so pictures coming soon, hopefully. Hannah took some cute ones of Alanna and my belly.

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  1. Oh sweetie - I'm sorry! :-( I wouldn't do well with bed rest either, so I can only imagine. But it is for a good cause ~ hang in there!