June 23, 2008

bedrest and lots of fun

So I went to the dr on Friday and she wasn't happy with me and it turned into a not so good visit. I don't really know how to explain it, but she told me to REST.REST.REST or I would be on bedrest. She sent me for some blood work and told me to come back on Monday, today.

This morning at 9:00 am I walked into the dr office and had a similar visit. My blood pressure was up and she still wasn't happy with what was happening. She told me that if I was 37 weeks and not 34 weeks, that I would be in the hospital being induced, but since I am not I was to be on strict bedrest until further notice. So today I am on the couch with the warden (my MIL) who will practically follow me to the bathroom to make sure I am doing nothing stressful. She is doing a great job of helping with the girls and making sure I am okay. Its so hard to just sit here watching someone take care of my house when I fell fine.

As I sit here, Hannah is on the couch and Alanna is playing with toys, its so hard to not be on the floor playing or to take the girls outside to play. Hopefully tomorrow the girls will get a chance to get outside to play and I will be here praying the baby gets to stay in my belly another day longer to grow. The dr has said that I will not be going to my due date, and to expect baby boy in about 3 weeks, if things do not change.

I have to go back to the dr on Wednesday for an ultrasound and then again on Friday, so if you are following along, thats 3 days this week at the dr office for baby boy. I am only allowed to drive back and forth to the drs and thats it..No cooking, no cleaning, I can't even give my own kids baths..Dr orders. There will never be enough thankyous for my mother in law who is taking time away from her life to be here with us to help out, I guess I'm one lucky gal dispute the problems.

I am not all new to this. The same time 34 weeks, with Hannah I was put on bedrest too. I was there for 3 1/2 weeks and then the tiny 5 pounds 15.9 oz, little girl blessed my life...So in the end, all the stress, and rest is really worth it.

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  1. I know it's hard, but keep your booty on the couch!!!