June 20, 2008

hair today, gone tomorrow

Well, I did it, I finally did it. I was tired of the long hair always being in my face and since I have been home it was pulled back every day. Today the girls and I went and got our hair cut...They cut off about 8 inches of my hair. I absolutely love it. I feel lighter and my hair looks healthier. Its so easy to brush and if I want to I can still pull it back..
Hannah and Alanna got theirs done too, but just trims. Alanna has never had an actual hair cut so this was her first..Well I guess 2nd if you count the mullet cut. She had a strip of long hair growing in the middle of her hair and one snip and it was gone, but this cut actually went around the whole head. She cried at first, but nothing a sucker couldn't fix. Hannah got a trim too, and some small layers put in the front to blend in her bangs she is growing out. Hopefully I can get some pictures later...Hannah's not feeling to well today.. Well gotta go play nurse. Have a great weekend!


  1. You look GREAT! Look at that Momma glow!!

  2. I love your hair! I am getting mine done soon too. Something easy to care for after I have the baby.

  3. It looks awesome Tasha!! The cut really frames your face!!