June 19, 2008


I'm still trying to adjust to being a SAHM to the girls. Yesterday marked the 1 week mark. It was one thing to have the weekends with them, but everyday is something new. There is really one word that comes to mind when trying to sum it up and thats enjoyment. I love waking up to Alanna crawling in bed with me and ever so gently rubbing my face to wake me as I used to do her in the mornings. I love the laziness of fixing breakfast when the girls get hungry, and the laziness of cleaning the house and not having to rush to get everything done in the 2 days I was allowed when off for the weekends..I love being here every moment and seeing what is going on in my children's life and not having to have their day recited back to me by the babysitter.

Sure times are rough and Hannah argues and Alanna has a meltdown, but the joy of it, is that its me here to handle the situation and not the babysitter calling me at work to handle Hannahs attitude problem or asking if Alanna can do something...Its me here to be the shoulder to cry on or to kiss the boo boos, its me their mother here to handle the day, and I think the girls are enjoying that...Actually I know they are. We have laughed and played and giggled and cuddled more in this past week, than I think we have in months, and its all back to the same 1 word enjoyment. I enjoy my kids, and I'm enjoying being a mom again...
There was a point where I couldn't wait to be not pregnant anymore, or I couldn't wait until winter got back around so I didn't have to sit outside and watch the girls play, because I was so tired all I could think about was sleeping or sitting and being lazy. Now, well now I love being pregnant and can't even tell you how many more days I have to go, now I get up early in the morning to take the girls to the park, now I am the one getting the girls motivated to go outside and have fun..Now I enjoy spending time with the them.


  1. Tasha I have tears in my eyes!! This post was so beautiful! You are such an awesome momma!!

  2. That is awesome! You are such a good Mom! My wish is that you get to be a SAHM forever!!! Wouldn't that be great? If only money grew on trees!