July 7, 2008

another visit, another day

Our holiday weekend was fun. We had BBQ and spent time with family. The girls played outside for most of the weekend. The weather was one of the most beautiful weekends I think Michigan has ever had in July. There was no humidity and the temps were about 79-80...perfect. My hubby was very busy too. He scrubbed our front deck and stained it. The results are gorgeous. He sure did put a lot of sweat into it this weekend. He also finished painting the shutters and finally hung the porch light after 2 years of living here.. Me? Well I did some minor cleaning here and there, not much and mostly supervised the projects, LOL. I don't think Chris enjoyed my supervising skills, as much as I did, but it all worked out.

Today I had yet another dr appt. I gained 5 pounds since Wednesday, I guess I had one to many scoops of potato salad and maybe that extra helping of apple pie didn't help, but my blood pressure was okay, so dr wasn't to upset. She was concerned though because baby wasn't moving up to par and she ordered a fetal watch ultrasound. This is where the tech will watch the baby for 30 minutes and then score the movements out of 8...He got a 6. I was allowed to go home only after promising to come back tomorrow for another fetal watch ultrasound..I also had to promise to go home and do a kick count. That is where I lay down for an hour and count the number of kicks I have...I must have at least 10 or I have to go to the hospital for more advanced tests..Geez, could this kid give me any more scares before he is born? This better not be any indication of the years to come with this baby...:)
I started my kick count at 6:15 when I started this post and it is now 6:27 and I have 6 counts..I'm sure there is nothing to be worried about...Maybe he was just having a lazy day this afternoon...After all, that gorgeous weather we had over the weekend is gone and it is now 90 and humid...so a nap in the nice and cool belly doesn't sound so bad after all, LOL.

More to come tomorrow


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I bet he was just resting from all the 4th of July excitement!

  2. Your deck does look awesome now!! So much more breathing room! Glad you had fun on the 4th and weren't stuck on the couch in the house!!