July 8, 2008

great friends

Do you see that? Someone went all the way to South Carolina and wrote my name in the sand. This someone must be something special. I personally think she is tops! She asked what I wanted and I told her I really wanted to go on vacation with her, and this was her way of bringing me there. How great is she? You should go and tell her how awesome she really is, because I don't think she realizes it..Thanks Lindsey. This just proves how awesome blogging really is, because I love you and so happy we are great friends.

On another topic. Baby is okay. Went to the dr today and he is moving like crazy..back to normal. His estimated weight is 6 lbs 5 oz...thats more than Hannah and almost as much as Alanna when they were born..I still have 3 1/2 weeks to go. She said she would not induce me if there is no medical reason still..Yay for that. I don;t go back to the dr again until Friday.


  1. Lindsey is a good one for sure!!

    Good news on the dr. visit and at least you have a few days off from visiting. Hang in there!

  2. Awwww thanks!!!! I luv ya too girl!!