July 10, 2008

A case of the giggles

Being home with Alanna has been some of the best times lately. She is at that age where she is so darn funny and can make me laugh without really trying. She has been talking up a storm lately and coming up with the funniest lines. I have no idea where she is getting this stuff. Just last night, when I was putting her to bed, she asked where Hannah was. I told her Hannah was outside playing and Alanna announced she missed her. It was so sweet.
Today Lindsey came over for a little bit and at lunch Alanna got a small, okay huge case of the sillys and would not stop. Even though she is cute as can be, it was time to calm down for nap time. I was trying to change her diaper and get her ready and she kept kicking her feet and rolling over...being a typical 2 year old I guess. I had to get a little stern with her and asked her if she wanted to play in her pool after her nap...I expected her to say yes and I was then going to say, okay you can if you calm down and take a good nap...Instead of that nice thought out conversation, Alanna said "no swimming"...I looked at her shocked, but did not want to let her in on that...I said fine well you won't go swimming then, and just sat there with this blank look on my face. Eventually her sad brown eyes got to me and I started laughing..Not what I had planned. This gave Alanna permission to laugh and then Hannah started and we ended with Lindsey giving in laughing too. Not a great way to try to calm your 2 year old, but at that moment I must admit she outwitted me and won that one....I am ashamed. LOL.


  1. Oh she is just a little cutie that Alanna!!! I see why you gave in to her...how could you not on that one? I will be back soon to finish the project!

  2. With a face like that - how could you not give in?