October 20, 2008

what type of person are you?

We went to a birthday party yesterday for one of our nieces. Sounds like another post about how great the party was and how much fun we had but its not going in that direction.
The party was at 1:00 and anyone with kids probably knows that between the hours of 1-3 is a no no for kids who still need that extra sleep thing called a nap.
Alanna is in the category of still needing a nap. Some days she can go without, sacrificing herself for the dreaded errands we have to get done, other days, don't even think about it. Well yesterday she fell in the don't even think about it side. It was a bowling party, loud and crazy. At first she was all game for bowling, but then slowly realized she could not have every ones turn and had to wait for her own...She decided that wasn't a good idea and took off down the lanes in front of the other bowlers. She ended up on the other side of the bowling alley. Next she threw a fit when she realized all the pretty packages were NIT for her. This resulted with a on the floor screaming fit.
We thought we could hold out for cake and ice cream but when that resulted in a scream at the top of your lungs fit because it wasn't the right kind of ice cream, we decided to make a trip HOME. Chris was very upset with Alanna..Hes the type who worries what everyone is saying about his parenting skills. I on the other hand already went through the embarrassment with Hannah and Alanna's fits don;t bother me as much. Chris was upset for most of the day. So I have to ask. Those with kids how do you feel? and those without, do you know its the child's nap time so you sympathize or do you criticize? Please be honest.


  1. I hate blogger! I typed a big comment and it LOST it!! Urgh!

    I wouldn't worry about it...honestly, I would have said, "bless her heart" (that's the southern thing to do! ha!) and not thought another thing of it.

  2. Anonymous10/20/2008

    Who cares what others think?? If they think they can do a better job, offer them a few days of babysitting! Tell Chris not to worry. They always blame the Mom anyway. LOL